Drawing Out Your Collective Wisdom

Synergy Forces employs a deliberate approach to a facilitated engagement to meet your objectives for your group’s work.


  1. Conduct an in-depth assessment to gather details and clarify the overall purpose/objective, priorities, and desired outcomes for the working sessions.
  2. Research group process to determine which structure is best to achieve the objectives and desired outcomes.
  3. For thorough planning, review all relevant historical and/or current materials, actions, and results as background information.
  4. Identify any needed pre-session work or data collection required for an effective engagement.
  5. Prepare a suitable, effective session design, insuring active facilitation and focusing on achieving the identified objectives.
  6. Present the draft session design to client for review and feedback, until a final, agreed-upon designed is achieved.
  7. Identify the appropriate participants, specifically, those with knowledge and commitment, representing diverse points of view.
  8. Formulate a work plan and timing for active working sessions.
  9. Develop a formal Agenda to share in advance with the participants.


  1. Administer the pre-determined session design, while being flexible to “change gears” should the processes become ineffective in reaching the objectives.
  2. Lead the group process while remaining neutral, yet drawing out the collective wisdom of the group.
  3. Conclude the working session with consensus or signification agreement on decisions and actions.  
  4. Keep the team focused, on task, while gaining support for the decisions made.
  5. Manage the capture of participants’ work throughout the session as a record of results.



  1. Prepare a Facilitator’s Meeting Report that recaptures the processes used during the session and the recorded results.
  2. Carry out a debriefing discussion that evaluates the working session and its outcomes.
  3. Identify next steps and future recommendations.